Thursday, 14 October 2010

Exquisite Corpse.

Hello lovers
Well this is the first project i am doing in my new fashion course at college; it is based on surrealism and the exquisite corpse.
We are working in conjunction with Barnardos charity to create a range of 'eco-wear', by using garments taken from their shop in chichester and deconstructing the clothing to use as a basis for our new 'recycled' clothing that we are creating.
I chose a selection of shirts to use for this project, so i will be using these to create my garment. I have decided that i want to make a dress as my garment and started experimenting with this by draping on the stand.

I liked the idea of still being able to identify the pieces of clothing that i started out with. This is why i tried to create a feature of the shirts, by using the main detail of shirt and continuing to use it as the main feature; hence the button detailing that i focused on down the centre back of my piece.

I love the ideas that draping on the stand gave me for my design. So i continued with this design but refined the specifics, such as the colour pallet that i want to use. I generally always work on the basis of a simple colour pallet to enhance the design aspects, which i think will work well for this design; therefore i am going to use white, cream and black shirts.
I tryed this out in the same design and really liked the outcome.

I am going to make this dress floor length therefore will carry on the shirt detailing at the back by layering each shirt.

So i have now finished off doing my piece and here is my final product. I really love the outcome and thought that it worked well when finished.

Please feel free to leave feedback and let me know what you think.

||| Sairah x