Monday, 20 May 2013

To Do List.

We all have these ideas, ambitions, things we want to do.
But they get changed, forgotton or we convince ourselves we dont really want to do it at all.
Therefore I am making a list, & publishing it in hope that I stick to it and cross off everything I want to do.
  • Start a company - June 2012
  • Walk on top of a bridge or building! - 6th February 2013
  • Go to China Town in London - 6th February 2013 

    • Go to a Planetarium -Greenwich Planetarium 7th February 2013
    • Go to Paris (Again)
    • Walk up the Eiffle Tower (Again)
    • Make a dress for myself (Need an event to go to!)
    • Make a teddy bear! (From scratch)
    • Sell a piece of my own artwork or photography
    • Hold a Monkey!
    • Ride an elephant
    • Try snowboarding
    • Fill a sand bottle on the Isle of Wight (Childhood memories!)
    • Ride a jetski (Even with my dislike of water!)
    • Go Quad Biking
    • Build a dollshouse - I know, it's random!
    • Watch a film at Somerset House
    • Go to a comedy show
    • Own a white car!
    • Ride a horse on a sand beach
    • Knit a scarf
    • Go to a monster truck show!
    • Afternoon tea at the Ritz
    • See Bon Jovi in concert
    • Go down the Drag strip as a passenger
    I'm planning to keep adding to this list when I think of new things to do and will update with photos when I do each of the things on my list!
    Wish me luck!!


    Let me know any ideas you think I should give a go!