Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Roaring Twenties..of Now!

The twenties, such a great time for fashion!
My twenties inspired project is quickly coming to an end with just 4 weeks left to finish up...Hopefully it will be long enough to complete the 3 designs I have in mind! It could be toughhhhh!

I have enjoyed this project so much because of the freedom within it. So I developed it how I wanted and focused on my favorite things of the era.

I must admit that sketchbooks are not my strength but here are a few images of my book showing my development of the project....

My 1920s Moodboard

The 20s was definatly a tiem when music was a huge rage and so of course I had to do a page on it..and in responce created this reverse applique charleston sample...

I designed my own artr deco inspired design and this is my sketchbook page explaining how I acheived this. Below are some of my heat transfer prints that were made using my design aswell as a thumbnail design taken from the original design...

And from all of that I came up with 15 designs, developed a couple of them and here are my three final designs that I shall be making...
(....on the way!)

As well as completing a sketchbook and 3 garments I have now been informed that I shall have to create and A1 illustration of my final piece, and I am starting with my first final design. I got a friend ( ) to wear and dance it up to create a great charleston inspired is the original photgraph and my A1

||| MISS V.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The monkey suit...

Had my introduction to the costume department last friday along with two of my classmates Ntombi and Olivia...Not such an interesting start to to subject moving around props and clothing from end to end of the cotume department, but at least it gave us an idea of how it is when there is no productions going on to work for! Not as much fun as the costume department should be..But trying on a few props i guess helped the time pass. After playing dress up we got another couple of jobs to undertake...a tad more interesting than moving rails. We each got asked to overlock a prop napkin for the drama department...whilst my fellow costume carriers were doing theres i got to sort out shoelaces and cords! (Think i found a new hobbie! haha) Then once we swapped over and i played with the overlocked...which is now on my mental wish list!....The other two got to do a bit on ironing..and steaming of a very interesting looking monkey suit..
Ah the fun to be had in the wardrobe department...

Much love

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

An early start...

After about 2 months of getting to lay in most days, yesturday i was hit hard when i had to drag myself out of bed at 7.15 for my first day back at college...
The day was long...but we got to grips with what we will be doing over the next year
And one thing i cant wait to get started on is a new Costume section to our course!
We all get to take part in becoming costume deigners for the colleges drama department..
We are going to be put into groups and work alongside to directors, actors, lighting guys and waredrobe department to create pieces for upcoming shows and dances.
Im really looking forward to getting into this as i have been considering this as a career lately....we will seeee.....

I'll keep you posted!

Much Love.
Miss LV.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back to work...

So after our independent project being canceled this summer we have been given a new project to get started on. The first of my second year doing fashion, and this time its...Fashion Eras.
We get to choose whatever era we want from cavemen to the swinging 50s to the future if we want!
I looked into a few eras which were more my style than working out what fashion will become in 50 years and first thought about doing the victorian era..very me and would be great to do considering the fact we will be doing a lot of textiles technique samples.
But, i feel like i wouldnt be able to explore the era as much as i would have wanted to with the timeframe we have been on comes my second choice...
The Twenties.
And there it is folks, my new project. Getting down to grips with Coco Chanel and the Roaring Twenties.

At the moment i have done general research into the era and have found some pretty awesome images and ideas to use...

Miss Coco Chanel herself sporting the well known classic 1920s cropped hair, cloche style hat and world famous low waisted late 1920s dress, a classic 20s look shown off by the best known 1920s designer.

More pictures to come soon my fellow bloggers...

Much Love
Miss V.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Baby boy...

Back again with some new news,

So my brother and his girlfreind have just had a little baby boy, my new little nephew Max...
And well a new baby calls for prezzzies..what springs to mind but some personalised embroidered bibs for little Max
I only got around to doing 3 of them a couple of weeks ago and here they are...

And here is the little man himself showing off his new bib...

Much love
Auntie Sairah...x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Weekend wonders...

Along came saturday and thereofre a day with the mother. What we seem to do most saturday mornings is go down to our local boot sale and see what treasures we can find about. I have struck lucky many times before finding some awesome things...
[More Pictures to come soon...]
My vintage style typwriter <3
Sewing bits <3

And this week i found an adorable vintage bag, and got it for just £2! I love this little thing...

Also, randomly found an old lace making kit! Never tryed it before but thought it could be something interesting to attempt, so i will try it out sometime over the summer once college is finished for the year...i'll keep you updated!

After the boot sale and a lovely lunch with the mother we may have gone to a couple of shops where i may have accidently bought a few things...but i loved them so i couldnt help it!
Leopard print collar dress <3

Booootiful grey boots [on sale!] <3

Black lace top <3
LBD [needs small aleration - but loved it so couldnt help getting it for just £5!] <3

[More Pictures coming up later!]

Much love.
|||Miss Sairah Lou V.

A 'DAY' of print...

Destination - Luciene Day exhibition at Pallent House Gallery in Chichester.

Along with my fellow fashion students i went along to our local gallery to check out the Robin and Luciene Day exhibition. The work there was amazing, i mean i've seen her work many times before as images but to see it in person makes then that much more amazing.
Images to come soon....

Much love.
|||Miss V.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Life in Paper...

Here we go again...another new project.
This time it's independent, therefore we can choose what ever topic we like. I had no idea what to choose when we were told about he project so thought i would just get ready for the project by preparing a sketchbook for it. I came a cross and old music book whilst hunting the charity shops, fell in love with it and was struck by inspiration for my topic. So now i have a project topic; Music.

Updates to come soon......

Much love.
||| Sq.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

[Skull love.]

For my natural order project I have to create a 2 metre by 1 metre length of printed fabric, I have been experimenting with different print techniques and have settled on silk screen printing to use on my final piece. This is my silk screen design that I drew up...

I am keeping a simple colour palat for my wrok and will be printing this design with a basic grey/green colour onto white cotton. I have decided to encorperate a large skull image into my work and am going to topstitch this onto my fabric on the right hand side of my design. With this i am going to work into the skull with differetn techniques including applique and couching as well as using beading and buttons as surfact details. Heres some images of the making process....

[Images to be added later my dears...sorry I'm on the wrong computer!]

Much love
||| Miss Louise.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My new Love!

Dear embroidery gods...i worship you! (:

So thanks to some awesome timing and connections...i have managed to get my hands on a [Brother pr600] Embroidery mahcine! Hell yeah - my new baby (:

So my new little toy is a 6 thread embroidery machine that i will be primarily using for business, embroidering company logos onto workwear. This all starts with my dads company..We brought the machine from the lady that did his company pieces as well as many other amazing designs using this machine. Fortunatly for me she needed for it to go to a new home so that she could expand her workshop.

I had her giving me a tutorial on how to work the machine last week - And I can now say that i can officially thread up the whole machine and use the included software for the machine.

I love playing with my new toy and have hopefully got some good plans in the pipework for a couple of jobs coming up... i shall keep you updated. But for now heres what i have done so far...[Picture coming very very soon - hopefulyy tonightttttt! ]

Much love.
|||Miss V

Wish list..

Some beautiful items that i would like to claim as my own...<3

Friday, 11 February 2011

Natural Order

Hey there lovers..

Once again here i am here with another project! This time - Natural order. From this Project i have been given three different themes within the project that i have to choose between to use as my subject. They are..Insects and Reptiles, Microscopic Bacteria, DNA & Bones or Flowers and Foliage. I am currently working with different print techniques to experiment for this project; i have used lino print, dry point, mono print & collograph at the moment and am planning to also work with silk screen printing.

I have also been working with looking a different patterns in print. I used Thumbnail designs and have 'taken these on a journey' to experiment with the different ways that they can be used. So here are some images of my thumbnail experiments...

More photos will be uploaded next time i post.. <3

More to come soon..



Friday, 14 January 2011

Culture Clash

Hey lovers,
So here is my latest project that i have been working on for my fashion course.
It is based on clashing together two different cultures to create at least one garment. I have chosen to focus my work on the cultures of France and Russia. I chose to use these as they were the two that inspired me most when doing my initial research into the project and various cultures.
The aspects that i focused my research into and that inpired me throughout my design process were, architecture and ballet.