Friday, 11 February 2011

Natural Order

Hey there lovers..

Once again here i am here with another project! This time - Natural order. From this Project i have been given three different themes within the project that i have to choose between to use as my subject. They are..Insects and Reptiles, Microscopic Bacteria, DNA & Bones or Flowers and Foliage. I am currently working with different print techniques to experiment for this project; i have used lino print, dry point, mono print & collograph at the moment and am planning to also work with silk screen printing.

I have also been working with looking a different patterns in print. I used Thumbnail designs and have 'taken these on a journey' to experiment with the different ways that they can be used. So here are some images of my thumbnail experiments...

More photos will be uploaded next time i post.. <3

More to come soon..