Sunday, 6 March 2011

My new Love!

Dear embroidery gods...i worship you! (:

So thanks to some awesome timing and connections...i have managed to get my hands on a [Brother pr600] Embroidery mahcine! Hell yeah - my new baby (:

So my new little toy is a 6 thread embroidery machine that i will be primarily using for business, embroidering company logos onto workwear. This all starts with my dads company..We brought the machine from the lady that did his company pieces as well as many other amazing designs using this machine. Fortunatly for me she needed for it to go to a new home so that she could expand her workshop.

I had her giving me a tutorial on how to work the machine last week - And I can now say that i can officially thread up the whole machine and use the included software for the machine.

I love playing with my new toy and have hopefully got some good plans in the pipework for a couple of jobs coming up... i shall keep you updated. But for now heres what i have done so far...[Picture coming very very soon - hopefulyy tonightttttt! ]

Much love.
|||Miss V

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