Thursday, 5 May 2011

[Skull love.]

For my natural order project I have to create a 2 metre by 1 metre length of printed fabric, I have been experimenting with different print techniques and have settled on silk screen printing to use on my final piece. This is my silk screen design that I drew up...

I am keeping a simple colour palat for my wrok and will be printing this design with a basic grey/green colour onto white cotton. I have decided to encorperate a large skull image into my work and am going to topstitch this onto my fabric on the right hand side of my design. With this i am going to work into the skull with differetn techniques including applique and couching as well as using beading and buttons as surfact details. Heres some images of the making process....

[Images to be added later my dears...sorry I'm on the wrong computer!]

Much love
||| Miss Louise.

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