Friday, 22 June 2012


I'm backkkk..

So it has been a while, I have been majorly busy lately with Costume, my Final Major Collection and just life in general.
Handed in my FMC last week which is a huuuge weight off my shoulders, sketchbook done, Reflective log done and 4...yes 4 outfits complete! Feels good

What feels even better is that fact I got my grades back today and am VERY pleased with what I got over the past 2 years on this course *happy face*

Back to my FMC though i was planning to upload some pictures of my project however wont be getting my sketchbook back until the end of July so will post again then..My garments a have bad quality photos of at the moment which will have to do, but will hopefully have some better one from the catwalk show...which is NEXT WEEK - NERVOUS!
So here are the photos I currently have.

Design 1.

Design 2.

Design 3.

Design 4.

I'll keep you posted if I get better pictures..


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