Friday, 28 September 2012

Sq.stitch - Framed Embroidery

Finally! After the past couple of weeks of slowly starting an embroidery design to be framed it is complete...minus the frame...
But right now I can overlook that fact as I am just glad that the embroidery is finished.
The design consists of 9 matching butterflies in a block, embroidered onto white fabric.
I originally tried out a detailed butterfly design (Shown below)
However came to the conclution that for this block idea I wanted to use a simpler design with less colour, therefore hoping to give it a more modern feel to it. I used the same template however removed aspects of the design to make it less busy looking.
Excuse the bad quality photo (used my phone) Planning to take some on my camera when I have the chance, and then hopefuuly some more as soon as I purchase a frame for it!!
Hope you enjoy this..Just incase you are interested in this product or any other from have a look and feel free to contact. This product is available in your choice of colour palette.
See you soon, Sairah.

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