Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back to work...

So after our independent project being canceled this summer we have been given a new project to get started on. The first of my second year doing fashion, and this time its...Fashion Eras.
We get to choose whatever era we want from cavemen to the swinging 50s to the future if we want!
I looked into a few eras which were more my style than working out what fashion will become in 50 years and first thought about doing the victorian era..very me and would be great to do considering the fact we will be doing a lot of textiles technique samples.
But, i feel like i wouldnt be able to explore the era as much as i would have wanted to with the timeframe we have been on comes my second choice...
The Twenties.
And there it is folks, my new project. Getting down to grips with Coco Chanel and the Roaring Twenties.

At the moment i have done general research into the era and have found some pretty awesome images and ideas to use...

Miss Coco Chanel herself sporting the well known classic 1920s cropped hair, cloche style hat and world famous low waisted late 1920s dress, a classic 20s look shown off by the best known 1920s designer.

More pictures to come soon my fellow bloggers...

Much Love
Miss V.

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