Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The monkey suit...

Had my introduction to the costume department last friday along with two of my classmates Ntombi and Olivia...Not such an interesting start to to subject moving around props and clothing from end to end of the cotume department, but at least it gave us an idea of how it is when there is no productions going on to work for! Not as much fun as the costume department should be..But trying on a few props i guess helped the time pass. After playing dress up we got another couple of jobs to undertake...a tad more interesting than moving rails. We each got asked to overlock a prop napkin for the drama department...whilst my fellow costume carriers were doing theres i got to sort out shoelaces and cords! (Think i found a new hobbie! haha) Then once we swapped over and i played with the overlocked...which is now on my mental wish list!....The other two got to do a bit on ironing..and steaming of a very interesting looking monkey suit..
Ah the fun to be had in the wardrobe department...

Much love

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