Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Roaring Twenties..of Now!

The twenties, such a great time for fashion!
My twenties inspired project is quickly coming to an end with just 4 weeks left to finish up...Hopefully it will be long enough to complete the 3 designs I have in mind! It could be toughhhhh!

I have enjoyed this project so much because of the freedom within it. So I developed it how I wanted and focused on my favorite things of the era.

I must admit that sketchbooks are not my strength but here are a few images of my book showing my development of the project....

My 1920s Moodboard

The 20s was definatly a tiem when music was a huge rage and so of course I had to do a page on it..and in responce created this reverse applique charleston sample...

I designed my own artr deco inspired design and this is my sketchbook page explaining how I acheived this. Below are some of my heat transfer prints that were made using my design aswell as a thumbnail design taken from the original design...

And from all of that I came up with 15 designs, developed a couple of them and here are my three final designs that I shall be making...
(....on the way!)

As well as completing a sketchbook and 3 garments I have now been informed that I shall have to create and A1 illustration of my final piece, and I am starting with my first final design. I got a friend ( ) to wear and dance it up to create a great charleston inspired is the original photgraph and my A1

||| MISS V.

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